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Tramjet is a renowned analgesic which is used by majority of people all over the globe. It is considered as one of the best pain reliver and is effective in treating mild to severe pain.

The medicine is effective in treating pain caused by chronic conditions like joint pain. This medicine is available in various strengths and should be consumed as per the recommendation of the doctor. Buy Tramjet 50mg online today if you want to get rid of pain.


Tramjet is widely used to treat following kinds of pain:

  • injury pain
  • surgical pain
  • joint pain
  • back pain
  • body ache

Active ingredient

Tramjet is found effective in treating mild to severe pain because of its active ingredient. Tramadol is the main constituent of this medicine. This component works by blocking the effect of chemicals that causes pain. Thus, this ingredient suppresses the pain and gives you instant relief.

Tramjet is available in capsule form and should be consumed orally twice in a day or as directed by your doctor. Please visit your doctor and discuss your problem in detail before consuming the medicine. Dring your visit, please inform your health care provider about the medicines which you are taking at present. As, some drugs can interact with Tramjet 50mg and cause severe effects on your body. Sharing your medical history is also important as some medical conditions such as liver or kidney disease may not allow you to consume this medicine. so, as per your medical history, pain severity and body tolerance, your doctor will suggest you the appropriate dosage. Strictly follow the directions of your doctor while consuming the medicine.


Please keep Tramjet 50mg at room temperature ranging between 25-30 degree centigrade. Please ensure that area where medicine is stored is hygienic & dry and is not exposed to heat, light or humidity. Please keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pets.

Warnings & Precautions

  • Tramjet 50mg should not be used by those patients who are allergic to generic Tramadol or any of its ingredient.
  • This medicine should also be avoided by those who are suffering from acute conditions of liver or kidney disease, head injury, epilepsy or other seizure disorder.
  • Please be careful if you are having any surgery, including dental surgery.
  • Kindly drive carefully after consuming the medicine. Avoid driving if you can.
  • Please inform your doctor about your medical history specially of liver, kidney or stomach disease.
  • Avoid consuming grapefruit juice along with Tramjet.
  • Do not take this medicine without consulting your doctor while you are pregnant.
  • Please do not change the dosage and strength of the medicine as per your wish.

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