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Order Carisoprodol Some 350mg Tablets from our Us Chemist Store

Soma tablets are mainly used as a muscle relaxant. A muscle relaxant drug affects the skeleton muscles and also decreases the muscle tone. It can be used to treat the muscle spasms.

This drug is used for short-term period for the treatment of muscle pain and discomfort. It is accompanied with some other drug and rest. The prescription of this medicine is usually for 3 weeks or less and it is taken 4 times a day. These tablets contain Carisoprodol as the active drug component and is used for short term period because it could lead to addiction.


Soma 350 mg tablet can be taken orally with a glass of water with or without food. It has a rapid onset of action that takes approximately 30 min to work in the body, its effects last up to about two to six hours. It is absorbed in the body via liver. It is metabolized with liver via the cytochrome P450 oxidase isozyme CYP2C19.

With a total of about eight-hour half-life, the drug is excreted by the kidneys. Carisoprodol is slightly soluble in water and freely soluble in ethanol, chloroform and acetone. Its solubility is practically independent of pH. Soma 350 mg tablet works by blocking the sensation of pain between the nerve and the brain. It is used with physical therapy to treat skeletal muscle pain or injury. Carisoprodol is known to impair your thinking; therefore, operating any big heavy machinery as driving etc. should be avoided.


Some of the side effects of Soma 350 mg include drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, rapid heart rate, seizure. Swelling of lips, tongue or throat may also occur. In case of these emergencies, consult your doctor. This drug is not prescribed to heart kidney and liver disease patients or a history of seizures or any other disorder related to the nervous system. Overdose of Carisoprodol may be fatal.


Soma 350 mg tablets are very efficiently working as a muscle relaxer. You can also buy them from our online pharmacy stores. So, order online and get fast shipping service available to you.

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