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Buy Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops - Buy Original Careprost

Buy Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops - Buy Original Careprost

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A Quick Overview Of Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops

Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops is a significant medication that is commonly used for the treatment of glaucoma and for longer and thicker eyelashes. The use of this medication potentially enhances the growth of eyelashes and lowers increased pressure in the eye. It is an ophthalmic solution embraces two kinds of active ingredients called Bimatoprost and Timolol Maleate. Ganfort and Careprost Plus are the brand name of the combination of generic Bimatoprost and Timolol.

How Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops Works?

Generic Bimatoprost is a family of prostaglandin analog medication that works by lowering the pressure in the eye. Prostaglandins are natural chemical in the body found in the body. It acts similarly the action of a naturally occurring prostaglandin by enhancing the numbers of hairs in the anagen phase.

Timolol is a category of medication called as beta-blocker thus it blocks beta-receptors in various parts of the body. Thus, the inhibition of the eye decreases the amount and inflow of aqueous humor that is produced.

What Are The Contraindications While Using Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops?

  • You must prevent using the medication if allergic to any ingredient in Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops or infection in the eye.
  • Do not use this medication if you are suffering from any severe eye disorder, blood disease liver, and kidney disease.
  • Talk to the doctor or avoid using, Digoxin, Amiodarone Anti-arrhythmic, and calcium-channel blockers along with this medication to avoid unwanted effects.

What Is The Best Dosing Regimen Of Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops?

For eyelashes: You have to wash your hand and face to withdraw all the makeup and wait for dry. Then put one to two drop on the fine brush given in the pack, apply the eye drops on the upper eyelid and close your eyes for one to two minutes. For best result use it for 12 to 16 weeks.

For the treatment of Glaucoma: Apply the medication inside the eye 1 to 2 times in a day regularly.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

This medication perhaps shows some unwanted effects like mild eye discomfort, dizziness, watering or dry eyes, burning or stinging sensation in the eye.

What Are The Precautions While Using Ganfort (Careprost Plus) Eye Drops?

  • It should not be used inside the eye and nose or other parts of the body except eye, as it is an ophthalmic preparation.
  • Remove contact lenses and spectacles before application.
  • Evade driving just after using the medication. 
Additional Information
Generic name Generic Bimatoprost Drops - Careprost Plus Eye Drops Online

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