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Buy Climax Spray for Men - Generic Lidocaine Spray

Buy Climax Spray for Men - Generic Lidocaine Spray

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Brief Overview About Climax Spray (Generic Lidocaine)

Climax Spray is marketed on our site for men that is used for treating ejaculation. It is topical anesthetic because the main ingredient is sprayed over the skin. This delays the action and is employed in those men who are unable to perform a sexual session with their partners. Climax aerosol facilitates to last erection longer than their usual time in during intimacy and causes complete satisfaction.

How Climax Spray (Generic Lidocaine) Works?

Climax Spray (Generic Lidocaine) can be used as a local medication. Premature ejaculation happens because of the gap between a person's expectations and his actual performance. It brings an activity by increasing the sensitivity threshold to reduce and lengthen pleasure. Therefore, Climax Spray helps in increasing the period of time of intercourse act for each the partners.

Method A Way To Use Climax Spray (Generic Lidocaine)

Climax Spray is obtainable as a Spray form so before using it, shake the instrument well. You want to hold the bottle a minimum of 5 cms away from the erectile organ by keeping a spray nozzle towards the site of application. Then you need to press the nozzle thrice or fourfold so as to Spray Climax Spray. Stop using ten Sprays per day because it might cause harmful effects. Use this medication a minimum of fifteen to twenty minutes before going for an intercourse.

Some Harmful Effects Of Climax Spray You Will Observe

This medication is understood to be safe but, it should cause some unwanted effects in some persons such as tinnitus, apprehension, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, nervousness, cognitive state, blurred vision, vomiting, tremors, drowsiness, sensations of warmth, cold, twitching, convulsions, and metabolism depression.

Warnings And Precautions To Be Kept In Mind Before Using Climax Spray

  • It is recommended not to spray Climax Spray if you've got allergies to any ingredient or generic topical anesthetic.
  • Do never spray this medication after you have any internal organ ailment, eye disorder, severe hepatic problem, and urinary organ disorder.
  • Put a ban on consumption of alcohol when using this medication.
Additional Information
Generic name Generic Lidocaine Spray - Climax Spray for Men