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Buy Combigan Eye Drops - Generic BRIMONIDINE and TIMOLOL

Buy Combigan Eye Drops - Generic BRIMONIDINE and TIMOLOL

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Description To Combigan Eye Drops In A Nutshell

Combigan Eye Drops is an expert choice for people who have open-angle glaucoma in their eyes. It is a medical condition or a disease in which the person suffers from necrosis of optic nerves endings that develop mostly due to long term suffering from ocular hypertension in which the aqueous humor fluid Gets Retained In The Eye Cavity So Develop Stress.

Action Mechanism Of Combigan Eye Drops

Combigan, as the name suggests, is the combination of two active ingredients Brimonidine and Timolol maleate. In which the medicine Brimonidine exhibits its therapeutic effect by draining the excess amount of fluid that get retained in the eyes. On other the ingredient Timolol, which is a reputed member of beta-blocker acts by bringing down the intraocular pressure (IOP) that get develop into eyes. So, the two together relieves the stress of the eyes.

Dosing Schedule Of Combigan Eye Drops

The patient needs to wash their face and hands prior adding medicated drops to their eyes to treat excess of developed IOP. To add a drop, the patient must tilt their head a slight backward and then has to pull the lower eyelid a slight down with firm pressure to form a pocket to add drop and then instill dose. Close your eyes for 1-2 min and add 1 drop of medication twice a day after the interval of 12 hours. Avoid rubbing eyes after instilling the medicament.

Obnoxious Effects To Use Of Combigan Eye Drops

Few obnoxious effects that patient might develop after adding Combigan Eye Drops includes itchiness, dryness, stinging, redness, puffiness and feeling of something is there in the eyes.

Cautions And Constrictions To Be Taken Whilst Using Combigan Eye Drops

  • Patient those who develop any allergy into their eyes must immediately discontinue the use of the medication and immediately seek the advice of the physician.
  • Patients those have undergone any surgery/injury into their eyes or have some bacterial or non-bacterial infection then one must not instill the drop until prescribed.
Additional Information
Generic name Generic BRIMONIDINE and TIMOLOL - Combigan Eye Drops Online